skill Tracker Software suite

Looking for the best way to a way to organize a team, practice or lesson?  Class/Team Rosters, Parent Module, Scheduling, Evaluations, Communications, Document Sharing, Shared Drills for Teaching and SO much more….

Made for both businesses and serious coaches that want to improve their methods and stay on top of their game.  Skill Tracker’s team and class management software streamlines your organization’s management from registration all the way through to skills evaluation. Parents and athletes will love your new ease-of-use and personalized athlete development program.


Used in Middle and High School’s Cheer and Dance, All-Star Cheerleading, Dance Studios, Pom Teams, Gymnastics Clubs, Teams & Businesses.  Check it out and find out why it is so popular.

What does it do?

This software was developed to help All-Star Cheerleading, Dance and Gymnastics to track their athlete’s skills. However, it has grown way past that and has become a coach’s resource to not only track skills, include scheduling, a document resource and teach coaches skills with drills and fixes.

EASE OF USE is what this program was designed around.  Even though there are manuals and videos of how to use this software, we pride ourselves in the fact that it is really easy to use and quick to learn.

Elevate the athletes skill development while saving administration time and effort through the Skill Tracker Suite’s customizable and poweful online management features.


Your Business is Custom and so is our software.  You will love its’ power to  customize!


Videos, Manuals, Email Information and more is available for you to help you with any need.

UI Elements

The interface was made to work on Laptops, IPads and Phones.  Use it EVERYWHERE!

Free Updates

Your system will always be up to date because Updates are FREE and automatically done for you. 

Access changes depending on who logs in.

SkillTracker lets you efficiently manage your gym, studio, school team, coaches, athletes and parents to give them all specific access to the software depending on their login.

Essential Skill Tracking Details

Get Essential Skill Tracking for each athlete from the start of a skill, working through a skill, and being ready to perform the skill – all tracked by dates. Access email or phone numbers on the go from anywhere. Access the app on any device.

Try It For Free!

Our software gives ALL of it’s proceeds to charities that help children, but we also give back to help those that cannot afford our full version.  IT IS FREE.  Check it out and let us know how we can help you!  This is our way of GIVING BACK so let us help you and help us by letting us know how we can make the software better.